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OVH firewall and automatic mitigation

James @ OVH
2015-08-17, 12:48 PM
Hello Xjetc,

If you enable the OVH firewall it will always be active. This is a service we offer free of charge as well as our Anti-DDoS.

For VAC(Anti DDoS) there are two options. By default your server is in automatic mitigation mode, this means if you are attacked the VAC will automatically detect the attack and mitigate it after a couple of seconds.

The second option is permanent mitigation mode and this will leave the VAC protection on permanently.

If you would like me to elaborate on anything regarding our Firewall or VAC system let me know.


James @ OVH

2015-08-16, 04:51 AM
Appears to be always active.

2015-08-16, 04:36 AM
When I have

Mitigation Firewall
Automatic Enabled

Is the Firewall always active, even while Mitigation is not triggered yet?