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AntiDDOS game server always out of stock

2015-08-15, 04:50 PM
Well I remember once we faced DDOS and reported to OVH. They asked us if we are getting an Game oriented DDOS so they apply specific rule from backend. I think You can choose an OVH server as It will Support it. May be representative from OVH can shed some light on it.

2015-08-15, 05:14 AM
I want to host a game on Anti-DDOS ( MC-32 ) but for the past 1 month I am waiting but couldn't get a MC-32.I always see "soon" in the display.

When can I expect for a MC-32 and I am very particular about this model as it fits our needs.

Suppose if I am not getting this Anti-DDOS game server is it advisable to host game server on enterprise model SP-32 as I see its for multipurpose use.

Will this SP-32 protect me from DDOS attack.