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What is the CPU frequency for VPS Cloud?

James @ OVH
2015-08-13, 11:03 AM
Hello Anwar,

Cloud VPSs are actually VMware VMs. They typically run on AMD Opteron Piledriver CPUs with a frequency between 2.8GHZ and 3.2GHZ, depending on the cluster. The CPUs are mutualized between users, a vCore provides you with a slice of CPU in the scheduling algorithm, so a Cloud 4 will have 4 times more CPU then a Cloud 1.

To find out the exact CPU model you have and full info you can run the following: cat /proc/cpuinfo

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

James @ OVH

2015-08-13, 05:45 AM
Possibly Opterons at 3.3/3.4Ghz

2015-08-12, 10:09 AM

I am thinking abour buying a VPS Cloud 3 or 4. I have searched the forums and the main site, and I failed to find the VPS Cloud specs.

Any body knows or Is there any page that states the specs of the CPS Clous? Especially the CPU for VPS Cloud 3 or 4?

Thanks in advance!