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answer me please

2015-08-09, 09:03 AM
please close this thread .. and i will be posting on soyoustart forum

2015-08-09, 08:46 AM
sir do i need to pay the operating systems or operating systems fee is included to the one i will pay every month?

Phil @ OVH
2015-08-08, 12:04 PM

1- Yes, setup fees are a one-time charge per server. You do not pay it again each month.
2- The operating system can be chosen once the server is delivered. You can reinstall and change your OS at any time with us.
3- Kimsufi servers do not support Windows. You would need to go with a SoyouStart or OVH line of servers if you require Windows.

Phil C.

2015-08-08, 07:37 AM
1. is setup fee a one time fee . the consecutive months will have no more setup fee right?

2. why is that there is no options of selecting Operation System and how much?

3. do you support a windows operating system

thanks very much forum moderators and admins.