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Getting Past Gmail Spam Filter

2015-09-23, 06:41 AM
Yes I have.

2015-09-23, 04:34 AM
Have you configured your reverse DNS?

2015-08-05, 01:12 PM
Has anyone had any luck sending email to Gmail from a SoYouStart dedicated server without it being automatically flagged as spam? Sure, once someone has received my email and flagged it as "not spam" in Gmail, email from my server is no longer considered to be spam. But every time I (or any of my clients) email a Gmail user for the first time, the email is always in their spam folder, even though the content is non-spam and postfix is properly configured.

My server passes all of the online tests available, and I have enabled every possible security measure to try to increase the reputation of my server. Everything is properly set up: rDNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and SSL on every IP/domain. I even receive DMARC reports from Google every day that indicate they are only receiving legitimate mail from me. Yet, every time any of us email a Gmail user for the first time, the email is ALWAYS in the spam folder.

None of us send any bulk mail whatsoever from the server, so it's all emails from one individual to another, with the occasional CC or BCC. My IPs are not on any blacklists, and the same content that Gmail considers to be spam is always 100% clean according to www.mail-tester.com.

I have already done all of the steps described by "heise" here: https://forum.kimsufi.com/showthread...n-Email-server

Does Google simply assume that all OVH/SYS IPs are being used for spam, and is there no way to fix this? I have run completely out of ideas.