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6 days and still no resolution on ticket

2015-07-21, 03:38 PM
Thanks James

2015-07-21, 03:34 PM
Quote Originally Posted by brijendrasial
Call them...
I called them so many times, all you get I'm sorry we will look in to this and let you know

James @ OVH
2015-07-21, 12:54 PM
Hello BlackMDK,

I apologize that no one has gotten back to you on this case.
I have personally looked over the ticket, I am working with my Dedicated Cloud team to get this resolved as quickly as we can.

The way our ticketing system works is that the tickets automatically "close" themselves after a certain amount of time.
When this happens the ticket remains open on our side and is still being worked on by our specialists.

I will send you an Email following this post. You may communicate with me directly.

Thank you,

James @ OVH

2015-07-20, 04:37 PM
Call them...

2015-07-20, 03:36 PM
Well another week still no answer from OVH, but ticket has been closed without response from OVH (Great way to get rid of tickets just close them). I'm paying for something that does not work for most of the month. Time to cancel this dedicated cloud, don't bother people OVH does not have manpower or willingness to support this product.

2015-07-13, 06:45 AM
Is there anybody or anything that I can call/email and raise some kind of issue somewhere beyond just normal ticket.

About 7 days ago our VM's in dedicated cloud just stopped working. There was nothing we could do trough manager, status on VM's was set as missing

3 days later VM's are back but VRack networking still down so in essence dedicated cloud still not operational. Ticket is sitting there with no updates unless I call support and then I get generic answer "The moment we have an update, we'll contact you."

Examining Event Log on VM's shows that instances where shut down (Kernel Power), why and how???

So where is that 100% SLA OVH is promising with dedicated cloud???

Who do I call to whom do I complain???

Why it takes 7 days (and who knows how many more to update ticket with some answers)

All i what to know is :
When it will be fixed
Why it happen
What did you do to fix it
What did you do to prevent it happening again
How will you improve support response to satisfy your own SLA
What is guaranty behind OVH SLA


P.S. If anybody from OVH here ticket is 2015070719008897