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A question in dedicated server?

2015-07-08, 01:29 PM

Thanks for replying. I understand and I'm only own artist/drawing/art etc it. Alright and thanks it.

2015-07-08, 01:01 PM
Yes you can host adult content but child pornography or copyright content is always banned.

Nulled scripts are not allowed by any hosting provider. If someone files a complaint then they need to remove it and with that a case can be filed too depending on the other party how they wish to proceed.

2015-07-08, 09:12 AM

I have signed with dedicated server located in BHS, Canada and I saw that a few threads in Forums including US/EU. I think they allow adult content where hosted in France (CGA/RBX/SBG). Is allow adult content in BHS hosting like same hosted in France?

1) Allow naked/nude etc for an anime/hentai that related to adult conent/mature content?

By the way, I saw read from Terms of Service in US/CA website. Is nothing with against the rules like nulled script, adult content, etc?
Just wonder. Thanks,