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IP activation issue

2015-07-09, 08:29 AM
I see you have another post stating you got 4 IP's... but I am going to respond for those who may be in the same situation.
The server comes with 16 ip's at no additional monthly cost. You have to still pay a one-time activation fee of $3 per server.
After you use up your 16 free ip's, additional ip's can be purchased at a monthly rate.

2015-07-09, 04:12 AM

Thanks for your reply.

But I do not want to buy additional IPs. I am just requesting to activate remain IPs which comes with my plan when i purchased server. I purchased SYS-IP-2, In this i get 16 additional IPs. When my server got activated there was only one IP live. Now i want rest of the IPs to be activated. I have all ready logged ticket two days back on this and there is no reply. Once again IPs talking here about free 16 IPs which comes with the server at time of purchase.

2015-07-08, 11:47 AM
Use the control panel to purchase new IP's. SYS servers typically come with 16 at a $3 setup fee each. Additional IP's are $3 a month, up to 256 total, I think.
By default OVH has a limit of being able to order 4 additional IP's before you need to call or open a ticket to raise the limit. (Calling is faster).

Additional failover IPs do not get configured on your server, it's up to you to add them.
Since you are doing virtualization, you will need to follow OVH's bridged network guides for failover IP.
You need to assign virtual mac addresses to IP's in your control panel.

I hope this helps.

2015-07-08, 04:55 AM

My server got activated two days back. I have only one IP activated at that time. On server i have installed VMware ESXi 6.0. Now to create new VMs in side i want more IPs. I have total of 16 IPs in plan. I submitted ticket two days back but no body has replied even my IPs are not activated.

Now my position is that I can not even you my server for which my billing is already been started.

Can any one help me out here..

Warm Regards,

Bhavin Patel