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A few concerns / questions about OVH as a potential client

Marc-Antoine @ OVH
2015-07-01, 03:15 PM

The Abuse Team always work with the customer, not against it. One of our goal is to keep our customers, so we do not suspend account on single abuse complain. As @brijendrasial mentioned, the Abuse team will inform the customer about the complain and help him or her to fix the issue. Also, indeed, we offer unmanaged service, meaning that you are the master of every aspect related to your product.

About the bandwidth, yes, it's 500Mbps of unmetered bandwidth. If you wish, you can get the 1Gbps upgrade, it $52.50 /month until September 30 : http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-serv...th-upgrade.xml.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Service Supervisor

2015-07-01, 09:39 AM
Well regarding first point, We are hosting multiple clients on our server. Client gets hacked or something and malware or phishing is then hosted by attacker. Once they find it, their abuse team send us mail regarding it. They will give you time and if you dont fix it or dont timely reply then they may take action by their own. Its not like they will suspend or terminate without notifying you. I have read the same like OVH terminated service without any reason but someone never posted actual reason behind it. We have always got email from abuse team and within minutes we fix it out. I feel as long as you can closely work with abuse team of OVH they will never do anything like that.

Previously we were on singlehop and we concentrated on selling our service. We never care for reputation of IP or any malware as singlehop took responsibility for the things and they solve it themselves. The service was managed so we didnt had any issue. With OVH everything was unmanaged. You need to get IP unblocked and manage its reputation. Initially we had this issue as few servers were used for email marketing. A new client on same server buys a package and they start sending out spam. We were always warned by abuse team and they always gave us like 24 to 48 hours to unblock the IPs and explain what action we take or else they will take action by their own. So we went ahead and started fixing the issue. Sooner or later we did restored the reputation of IP and started to terminate server involved in the activity. The drama went on for 2 months and OVH were not allocating us the new IP. The thing is they never suspended or terminated service on their own as I feel we were in touch with the abuse team always and replied in minutes.

So everytime we cant blame OVH. People posting this online must also post exactly why their servers were terminated (With correct reason)

You can only use the configuration present on their website. The customization is limited to that only.

Yes that bandwidth limit is correct

2015-06-30, 10:40 PM

I am considering purchasing a server with OVH sometime in the future, but I have a few serious concerns I'd like to bring up beforehand.

I have had several encouraging recommendations towards OVH from people I know on IRC and other forums. However, when researching OVH, I have found some very mixed reviews regarding OVH's abuse policies which causes me some concern.

I have seen complaints that OVH will permanently suspend accounts in response to single abuse complaints, for example. I do operate some community oriented websites which allow members to upload content. Every now and again, I do get DMCA complaints from providers that I have to respond to. These are always addressed in a timely manner with my current hosting provider and there are never any issues. I do not want to sign up with OVH however then one day find that my server has been terminated because of this.

So, can I get come clarification on what OVH's abuse policies are, and reassurance that I really won't have to worry about having my server(s) randomly terminated one day because of one complaint against one website on one of my boxes?

Second, regarding OVH's server configurations, can I order a set-up with a 3x2TB (or greater) hardware RAID 5 setup plus a 120GB+ SSD configuration for the operating system? I see plenty of 2xXTB HDD + SSD configurations, but I haven't found any affordable 3xXTB HDD + SSD configurations on the front-page.

Lastly, from what I can see, servers come with 500Mbps of unmetered bandwidth guaranteed at all times. Is this correct? (Which is upgradeable with additional bandwidth packages).