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VPS Order

2015-06-08, 01:54 PM
I ordered a VPS yesterday on someones recommandation. Why does it take it so long to get ips? Since Topic starter is already waiting since 4 june? Can we get a update on this? Thanks.

2015-06-07, 09:29 PM
there out of ips' they havent said it but they are.. and thats why they aren;t delivering your vps.... same goes for the ips i bought

2015-06-07, 07:34 PM
Order ID: 1650263
Date: June 04, 2015 23:56:55
Current Date: June 7, 2015 19:17:35
Your order was paid on 04/06/2015 a 23:58:26 - Your order is in progress

I has been near close to 72 hours that I have been waiting for my Order to be processed. I have heard many great things about this company from many many previous customers. After a few hours of it not being setup I browsed the forums and saw for some people that it was taking theirs 12-14 hours to be setup. This is just outrageous I could see if there was a payment dispute, but the payment was processed within the first 12 hours of my wait. VPS Installation has been marked as in Progress ever since.

I would like some real answer unlike your Ticket system was able to give me, All I was told that they could not give me a ETA on the delivery of my Services. Now how can you not explain to a customer the reasoning out why a service can not be delivered. I would be fine with any reason of hardware issues, just something other then, "we are unable to
provide you any ETA at the moment."