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I think I'm IP Banned?

Phil @ OVH
2015-06-06, 06:49 AM

This is the forum for SoyouStart Canada. Your account is with a European branch. I would recommend posting on soyoustart.co.uk 's forum for this.

Phil C.

2015-06-06, 04:39 AM
Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've submitted a ticket but it hasn't been responded to yet. Seems I'm IP banned for some strange reason, yet I haven't yet, and never have, done anything wrong?

Without proxy / VPN:

With proxy / VPN:

This shows me that my IP is banned / blocked. Kinda not sure why. Hopefully support gets back to me soon, until then I have to use a Windows VPS to do all my server related work on this server. :l

So yeah, anyone else experienced this?