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Looking to use VPN through a server to defend against DDoS Attacks - Best Option?

2015-06-05, 12:47 PM

I am a gamer and I play P2P games where my IP is exposed and becomes target of DDoS attacks (from other rival players who use booters and stressers to launch NTP & Chargen based DDoS attacks from sites like this and this.

So my idea is to route my gaming traffic through a VPN installed on OVH's server and utilize their anti-DDoS protection.

So questions are:

1. Which would be the best option in this case? VPS Cloud? Or VPS Classic? I don't mind spending up to $100 per month more if it ensures better protection...Or would dedicated server offer the best DDoS protection?

2. Do your EU servers have better protection that North America servers?

3. I'm a bit skeptical about the DDoS protection, after watching this, so the most important thing I want to know is - will I suffer any connection loss during the attack?