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Upgrading from Kimsufi + trial option?

2015-05-29, 05:42 PM
Understood; thank you for the prompt response

Phil @ OVH
2015-05-29, 10:47 AM

- SoyouStart and Kimsufi use different billing systems and control panels, so it would not be possible to transfer the data over. You would need to create a new account with SoyouStart if you wish to move over.

- We strive to offer the lowest prices on the market every day. As such, we don't have any additional discounts available for our servers.

- There are no trial options for SoyouStart, and the server is non-refundable except in the case of irreparable hardware or network issues causing significant downtime.

- SoyouStart is supported by the same staff as Kimsufi, however, you will also have access to our phone support with a SoyouStart server, so any urgent matters can be dealt with immediately.

Phil C.

2015-05-29, 06:53 AM
I am a sysadmin for a gaming community run on a Kimsufi (ns4003609.ip-142-4-211.net, Montreal BHS) server; the Kimsufi has served us well since summer of last year but we would like to move on to stronger hardware.

We are interested in upgrading to an E3-SSD-3 for the extra RAM, CPU power and SSD. I have a few queries before deciding:

  • As Kimsufi and SYS are under OVH, would it be possible to have our administrative account (personal details, payment details/invoice history, manager login) migrated to SoYouStart?
  • Are we eligible for any loyalty discounts/bonuses?
  • Are we able to try the E3-SSD-3 server on a risk-free basis? So that if we find it does not meet our requirements, we can get a refund and move back to the Kimsufi?
  • Will SoYouStart have better support options, response times and communication than Kimsufi? Our last (and only) support request was not handled promptly, with poor communication