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A few questions

2015-05-30, 05:31 PM
I doubt it's ECC Registered.
If running in a game server, registered may actually slightly hinder performance.
Are you planning for the game server to do high performance bitwise operations in space or a nuclear facility? No, OVH's datacenters...
Does your application directly talk to the memory and needs it to all be seen as a single logical register? idk
I can think of reasons why that may be needed, but not really for game servers.
I'm just curious as to why you feel you need ECC Registered.

Game servers have never been an issue in the past that I'm aware of.
I've hosted quite a few using OVH and SYS lines.

2015-05-28, 11:59 PM
Bring up my post

2015-05-28, 12:45 PM
Hello, My name is Radi Kolev and Im thinking to make an order for SYS-IP-1 ($42.00 USD / month), but I have some questions.
What RAM is this server using - EEC Registered (Buffered) or ECC Unregistered (Unbuffered)? I REALLY need a working ECC registered RAM for my server!

Also I am going to use the dedibox for Gaming Services (Private Server), is this okay?

With Best Regards