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KVM OS Install

2015-05-18, 06:27 PM
To answer my own question, yes using KVM I can install my own OS but have to ask for a spider KVM.

I am now in the middle of installing, but did run into a few issues. So I hope the install goes smooth.

2015-05-18, 09:20 AM
1st off it been a while since I rented any servers. But the last one's I rented were from here. I just rented the exact same server I once had before but this time I paid for the whole year.

When I was renting here before there wasn't an option for a KVM, I see you now offer the option.

My question is, if I rent a KVM for my server, can I use it to install my own copy of Windows XP 64-bit Pro onto the server as the OS. I don't need Windows Server for what I am doing and I have an unused copy of Windows XP Pro in 64-bit that will work fine for me.

I never used a KVM on a server before so I am just wondering will I be able to do this, I am guessing the KVM will allow me access to the boot level to do an OS install but I am unsure.