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Not a SyS issue, just a general cry for help!

2015-05-17, 08:05 PM
Ok I managed to fix it, Seems it really screwed my IP tables

2015-05-17, 12:37 AM
So I recently installed VestaCP on to my existing server and it seems to have stuffed things up.
I run a minecraft server and have my TS server on the dedi as well. I host my website off-site and its becoming very bothersome to manage it on another server that is limited. So I wanted to move it here, hence why I installed vestaCP.

But the installation of the CP seems to have stopped all traffic trying to connect to the server and the TS from even joining, and I dont know how to fix it.

I've uninstalled VestaCP thinking that would fix everything but it hasn't.

Any suggestions would be very welcomed.