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This order has expired - Account validation and other questions?

Phil @ OVH
2015-05-15, 11:22 PM

Yes, once the account is activated, you'll be able to place a new order from the website and log into your account when prompted. As for the SSDs, the site says 10 days simply because we are waiting on a shipment of SSDs at the moment. It should be sooner than 10 days, but we cannot say for sure the exact delay.

Phil C.

2015-05-14, 01:44 PM
Hi there.

I'm waiting for account validation. I have it sent to validation team. Then because long time wait, I have open ticket to ask for it and I have received a reply:

I have checked with our validation team and we have received your documents. Our validation team will process your request as fast as they can.

I'm still waiting validation but my order shows: "This order has expired".

When the team validate my account, I'll need to order the server again correct?

Is that true the time to get the server with SSD drives we need to wait 10 days or it is only prevision and the server can be setup before this time?

Thank you for help and sorry to ask this over the forum. I just posted it here to maybe get faster reply.