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Abuse Ticket/Email sent but no response

Phil @ OVH
2015-05-23, 04:19 PM

As you are now talking about legal council, I will no longer be able to discuss the case with you. This is now a legal matter and will need to be dealt with through our legal department.

Phil C.

2015-05-16, 05:49 AM
Actually, Phil, its really not a "your word vs. his word" situation. Canadian Law does not tie your hands (nor would any International Laws). As a condition of the agreement signed by your client, you have the right to suspend services for a particular domain you feel is in violation. You have that right as a host just as they have the right to change hosts.

We provided evidence and welcome the abuse department to investigate further past the point of hearing one reply from the client.

So basically its "evidence vs. his word" in this case.

Anyways, that is probably how your companies does business and I will contact the RCMP regarding this case and to have a lawyer look into how this was handled by all parties involved. You as a host also have the responsibility to investigate beyond a mere one sentence reply. Clearly, you guys aren't willing to do that.

To those involved here is the info: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/qc/contact/contact-eng.htm

It is time to put things together to recoup for downtime and lost earnings.

Phil @ OVH
2015-05-15, 11:13 PM

I'm sorry, but this is a legal matter, and a case of your word against theirs. Our hands are tied by Canadian law. We cannot take action against them with the evidence presented.

edit: I should point out that this is what was explained to me by the Abuse team. I'm not familiar with all of their procedures and policies. Should you wish to dispute their response or get further information, you would need to contact them by replying to their message. We on the support staff cannot overturn their decisions.

Phil C.

2015-05-15, 11:10 PM

The only thing i received is:

"Our customer re
Kindly note that we are not in a position to assess the merits of your claim.

Our actions in this case do not constitute an acknowledgement of the rights you
claimed, nor do they constitute a decision in your favour or in favour of the person
against who your complaint is directed, but are simply taken in strict application
of Canadian law.

If you are not satisfied with our customer’s response, we suggest that you submit
the dispute to the adjudication by the courts. OVH HOSTING Inc. will comply with any
order or judgment rendered by a lawful court.


So, basically it ends here? .....and we need to contact the RCMP now? Your company is the only one who has not taken action against these attackers. It seems no investigation was performed at all. Video evidence of their hacking given, the ability to contact the software developers and ask if that is an illegal cracked version of their software or not, why not ask us for what proof we have this software is modified and illegal.........but if the hackers simply reply..."no they are lying" or "we didn't do what they say", its sufficient to get them off the hook? You don't even expect your client to at least contact his clients who are using this illegal chat software to hurt other websites to warn them that any further hacking will result in termination?

What else needs to be done for you guys to take action. We are not asking you to shut down their web hosting as we know they host 400+ domains on their servers, but taking action against the sites specifically related to the hacking outlined in the videos would be a reasonable step if I am not mistaken. That is something an abuse department is capable of doing.

I don't want to have to bring legal measures into this as its a complete waste of time dealing with a company of his small size and I want this to end immediately but i think we need to be reasonable here. The job of the abuse department is to investigate and if there any further questions, to inquire more. I realize you may get many requests but i think all of them should be taken seriously. Taking some time to thoroughly investigate what exactly is going on here is not an unreasonable request and I think everyone would agree.

Phil @ OVH
2015-05-15, 04:10 PM

According to my contact in the Abuse department, they have replied to the messages received about this site with the procedures that would need to be followed.

Phil C.

2015-05-15, 04:50 AM
Well i own ( http://zozo-chat.com ) and i'm facing same issue.

http://enchateo.info is the main domain where the chat room installed and operated. IP Address (

IP Address:
Country: Canada (CA)
State: Quebec
City: Montréal
Postal Code: H3A
ISP: OVH Hosting
Organization: OVH Hosting

Server Purchased from ( http://www.hostingrd.com ) who is selling cracked chat license and chat room exploits. http://www.hostingrd.com/123flashchat

They pretend like they are selling (10.0 version ) when we spoke with (123flashchat company ) they told us. No we dont have any license with hostingrd.com to resell the chat software.

Proof ( http://zozo-chat.com/blog/chat-room-redirect-spammer/ ) Here you can find all domain they used to redirect our chat users.

Proof 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFLcxnZ5UpY ( hacker team that is (hostingrd) and his friends using chat exploit to redirect all our chat users nearly (1000 users at a time to their chat website - elchateovip.net ).


Note : Check the attached screen shot that they using (http://enchateo.info/) in their chat page. Why they are doing this? Because they want to make money through google adsense.

Proof 3 : https://productforums.google.com/for...E/3mQp4qLGdnQJ ( check the attachment and complaint )

Well do you guys want more? We have more enough proof to point that Hosting RD is behind all these issues and hacking attempts. And the ip address and the chat room is running in OVH. So i have no idea why OVH defending hackers and exploit abusers?. Well if we are gonna lie to you? Why do we have all these proof against them?

We lost nearly $1000 earnings due to this redirect problem. Who is gonna pay it? OVH or HOstingRD or These Hackers?.

2015-05-15, 01:48 AM
Hi Phil

Yes, you are right....we finally got notice that the emails were bouncing back.

We did get a reply but there was no action taken about the part of hosting websites exploiting attack other sites. The complaint was two part. (1. your client is using illegal cracked software and 2. they are hosting sites using this same said software which has been modified) Your client (www.hostingrd.com who's reselling your servers), is hosting software on http://enchateo.info that is used in hacking/exploiting against other sites including ours. We have contacted them without resolution. How do we go about taking action against clients of YOURS, who host websites that are doing illegal things and refuse to take them down even after providing video evidence?


Phil @ OVH
2015-05-12, 11:07 PM

Abuse@ovh.us is a non-existant address. To contact our abuse department, you would need to fill out the form on http://abuse.ovh.ca.

Please note that we will not respond to provide you any information, as this would constitute a violation of our customers' privacy, but we do look into each and every case.

Phil C.

2015-05-11, 06:20 AM

I sent an abuse ticket several days ago but no one has acknowledged it.

It is one of your customers who are distributing (selling) illegal pirated software and either, they themselves, or their clients are using this software to exploit other websites, including ours.

The software is hosted on OVH servers and the hacking involves the software hosted on their OVH servers. We have confirmed this so its not like we have got the wrong people here.

A reply or even acknowledgement would be nice. I sent the email to abuse@ovh.us

Does anyone know if this will be taken seriously or should i contact the FBI or RCMP? They are doing illegal activities....