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Advice of server type

Midnight Man
2015-05-05, 06:03 AM
Thank you Jincos

I was wondering if I'd missed an opportunity somewhere, and your clue on SoYouStart is very much appreciated! A quick look there and I have already found a server that will do us very nicely

Many thanks indeed!

2015-05-04, 06:10 PM
The only other hosts that are officially part of OVH, that I am aware of, are Kimsufi and SoYouStart. Kimsufi does not offer Windows and you are not able to install Windows on their boxes either.

Midnight Man
2015-05-03, 08:14 PM
Good day folks, and thank you to anyone who might be able to offer some advice here!

I know OVH have several related or sub companies - Kimsufi is one I have heard of, and doubtless there are more, but I'm not aware of them all, so thought I might seek advice here for a potential solution.

I have 2 dedicated servers (HOST-32) with OVH in BHS that I would like to back up using my own application. The endpoint for this backup will need to be a Windows machine, and it should have 1Tb disk space or better with 4Gb memory or better to suit the application.

The backup itself, once the initial backup is done, usually consumes around 100Mb traffic per day - in other words, very little.

Additionally, we would like to have the backup at some distance from the original host, so we are thinking that we might use OVH or related company/facility in Europe.

Obviously, I could obtain a new dedicated server in EU in one of the datacentres there, but considering the very small amount of traffic involved, it seems a bit of overkill to have a complete dedicated server and the associated cost just for this purpose.

Does anyone know of an OVH or OVH related solution that might suit our requirements here please? Thank you for any advice or thoughts you are able to share with us!