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adult content warning

2015-04-28, 01:02 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Godofredo
But OVH want me to put a window before entering the site.
Read the above -- that's standard practice. And it is in the TOU/TOS...

What's the issue with forewarning any and all (public) visitors?

2015-04-27, 01:27 PM
But OVH want me to put a window before entering the site.

2015-04-27, 10:38 AM
If you're hosting adult content then you should have a disclaimer stating as such to attempt to limit the liabilities of yourself and the host from any legal (or otherwise) action that may arises. All adult web sites has a disclaimer somewhere so it isn't anything new. Just put a disclaimer on somewhere, link to the disclaimer and call it good. Here, here's a link to a free disclaimer you can use if you don't want to type one up yourself: http://www.freenetlaw.com/free-website-disclaimer/

Just be forewarn that you should put down in your disclaimer that your site contains adult content on it (not sure if that template has it or not, just google adult content disclaimer examples on google or look at the TOS on most adult content sites to get an ideal of what should be on there).

2015-04-27, 09:34 AM
I have a server at OVH and received a notice that I have to put a disclaimer on my site saying it has adult content or my server will be suspended, why are you doing this?

When I signed the server the contract not make me do this.