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Phil @ OVH
2015-04-16, 09:44 AM

If the server was not under your name, it would not be possible for us to provide you with any assistance in the matter, unfortunately. You would need to contact his estate to see if they can transfer the ownership to you. If you have a backup of the site, you could upload it to a different server.

Otherwise, you may be out of luck. It is important that you always keep a backup of your website somewhere you will always have access.

Phil C.

2015-04-16, 06:18 AM

I am writing to you because I am running a website called http://www.theairlineproject.com ( which should be hosted by you. Sadly enough our guy who created the site and managed it afterwards passed away a couple of weeks ago, so I don't know how to get access to the content. And the site is currently down and I don't know who to contact for support.

So maybe you can help me, and if you are not hosting the site I am sorry for taking your time

Best Regards