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Question About Ks-6 and Windows Os No Reply on Support Mails

2015-05-29, 12:33 AM
you should be able to use vmware esxi to install your own version of windows OS i know that microsoft offers a iso with a 180 day free trial of it which is a total of 6 months without needing a key

Phil @ OVH
2015-04-09, 02:16 PM

Kimsufi does not offer Windows on its servers. If you require Windows, you would need to go with a SoyouStart or OVH server.

To which address were you sending your support questions? Our ticket queue doesn't currently have any unanswered support tickets in it.

Phil C.

2015-04-09, 06:52 AM

I have send now 3 mails to Support for a Sales Question.

I didnt get any Reply since 1 Week.

So i ask this Here:

Is it allowed & Supported to Install Windows on a Ks-6?

I need Windows on the Ks-6 and will ask if its supported and allowed?

If yes did you provide Install setup for a Fee or how works this?

Kind Regards