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Control panel password reset required

2015-04-02, 06:43 AM
Heh nevermind, seems that depending on the *language* I select on kimsufi.com I get redirected to another login system (eu.api.ovh.com instead of ca.api.ovh.com). This is the most confusing thing ever, the UI is totally identical but the credentials I have created are different.

Most. Confusing. System. Ever.

2015-04-01, 04:29 PM
I forgot the password associated to my account. I tried the "forgot password" feature a few times, but did not receive any pwd reset link to the email address I entered.
I triple-checked the email I entered and it is correct (I received my latest invoice a couple of days ago, + I was able to register to this forum with it as well).

what else can I do to re-gain access to my control panel? Can a Kimsufi staff contact me directly please?