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Test expected thoughput to each datacenter.

Hugo @ OVH
2015-03-31, 02:54 PM
Good day jms1989,

You can make speedtests in our datacenters via the our website http://proof.ovh.net/. You can select RBX (Roubaix), SBG (Strabourg) and BHS (Beauharnois). Unfortunately, the speedtest for GRA is not yet available but it will be soon!

If you want to make a file download test via one of our European datacenters, here's two links that will bring your interest:

http://rbx.proof.ovh.net/files/ or http://sbg.proof.ovh.net/files/

Thank you for trusting OVH and have a nice day!

Hugo C.
Customer Advocate

2015-03-31, 02:29 PM
Is there a way I can do a speed test to each datacenter? I know I'm good with canada but I'm unsure about France. Also, what kind of bandwidth can I expect on a new SYS server in each DC? My current kimsurfi server can get about 12MB/s both ways and max out my connection at home.