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Where do I find the nameservers to point to in OVH?

Hugo @ OVH
2015-03-31, 03:41 PM
Good day vpsuser101,

From what I can see, you are trying to point your domain from godaddy to OVH. However, depending your needs, their is 2 possible ways to point it correctly.

You can either use the services of godaddy and point it at OVH or you can use your own name server. Here's a link that will certainly help you:


Thank you for trusting OVH and have a nice day!

Hugo C.
Customer Advocate

2015-03-31, 02:51 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Drang
I know sdns2.ovh.net
Thats for dedicated and the other one was nsXXX.ovh.net (your server)

I was talking about regular VPS and I found out its

* ns11.ovh.net
* dns11.ovh.net

But then I had to follow these two guides



So now it says I wait 2 days. we shall see how it goes.

2015-03-31, 12:50 AM
I know sdns2.ovh.net is one of them but no idea of the others

2015-03-30, 11:13 PM
Just a quick question... How do I find the name servers to change on Go daddy? I cant find the option anywhere