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Veeam... .why not an ovh, or opensource solution?

2015-10-06, 10:38 PM
I still do not understand you

2015-03-28, 07:14 AM

I am wondering why OVH choosed Veeam as a backup solution.

I mean : we choosed vmware because it's running on Linux (i never been amazed by MS products)

I did not cared about having a requirement to install Windows in a vm to manage the cloud. I think it can be safe, because it's restricted, isolated, and we only use this vm to manage the cloud. ...also i know Vmware is limited but working in Chrome under Linux. So this was fine for me.

But what about Veeam? Most of us prefer to run Linux on a vm because we all know it's much better than Windows Why should we backup on Windows then?

I see in their documentation Veeam can be setup for point to point encryption. Is this what we are getting from OVH?

What if the vm itself is not encrypted? Is there any considerations i need to think about before i go ahead with Veeam backups? Any suggestions to make it more secure to use Veeam with Vmware vSphere?

Did it ever happened Veeam was hacked at OVH? (or somewhere else?) If yes, how can i minimize the impact if this happen on our backup instance?

Thank you,