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ISCSI data-stores Available in BETA on VMWARE PCC

2014-02-24, 01:49 PM
The Beta is still going on but due to limited availibility we were not able to provide test datastore to every one. Did you signed up with the following URL http://www.ovh.com/fr/dedicated-cloud/beta-iscsi/ ?

As a side note, what kind of IO workload do you have? % Read / Write, Sequential / Random, IO Size, IOPS, etc.

2014-02-18, 09:15 PM
Is this still running, id certanly like to comparn your NFS agains iSCSI, for us Disk I/O is KEY to making the most of the cloud when the CPU and RAM usage is negligable

2014-01-08, 01:12 PM
We are happy to offer a BETA for data-store presented to your ESXI server via iSCSI instead of NFS.

How does it work?
You show your interest by filling the form available at : http://www.ovh.com/fr/dedicated-cloud/beta-iscsi/ . Once that's done, we will attach a new data-store to your existing PCC. This new storage will be provided free of charge for you to test for 30 days.

Technical details

From the hardware side, the filers are the same but there are slight differences in the software stacks. You still get fully dedicated disks with SSD caching in a highly available chassis.

Why would that be interesting?

iSCSI allows to use RDMs (You can nowuse Microsoft clustering amongst other things) and based on earlyfeedbacks, it tend to be slightly faster for some workloads.