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what about vildation??

2015-03-06, 06:23 AM
You are right, but I thought that everything may be faster than this.
Iam sorry for my bad english.

Phil @ OVH
2015-03-05, 08:20 PM

Our support team was in constant contact with you through email. They would have been able to answer you promptly.

You posted this in General Discussions, which is for exactly that, not for time-sensitive account-specific requests.

Phil C.

2015-03-05, 07:30 PM
Finally, one has replied; the topic created @ 2015-03-01, 04:39 PM & reply @2015-03-06 , 02:07 AM
No problem with moving & order
my account vilidated yesterday , before that I've rented a server from another company about a few hours
Activation came too late
Now I own account can be rente server, not yet at least a month or maybe more.

and you thanks for late reply

Phil @ OVH
2015-03-05, 07:07 PM

First of all, we cannot move your account from Soyoustart US to TN. Also, we have Arabic speaking people here.

The reason order 1156547 was never delivered is that you never paid the invoice, you simply generated the order. You must pay the invoice before we will fulfill the order.

If you place a new order and pay for it, we will gladly provide you the service you requested.

Phil C.

2015-03-03, 09:41 PM
No reply & nothing
I understand from this that you do not want me to be a customer of soyoustart

2015-03-01, 09:39 AM
Number: 1156547
Date: February 26, 2015 10:12:29
Expiry date: February 27, 2015 10:12:29
No vildated to this moment
This is because the documents in Arabic
There is a team Arab Tunisian: http://www.soyoustart.com/tn/
and Moroccan too: http://www.soyoustart.com/ma/
They are fluent in the Arabic language
But registration is only available to the citizens of Tunisia and Morocco, or who has an address in the country
Because I am an Egyptian, can not register and purchase from them
I want to solve my problem quickly please.
If you do not support Arabic move my account from: http://www.soyoustart.com/us/ to: http://www.soyoustart.com/tn/