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Submit an incident for USA/CA clients

2015-02-22, 09:41 AM
Hi Phil C.

I have ticket 2015022119004873 open for more then 24 hours without any answer.
With incident reporting even if paid maybe that would not have happen.


Phil @ OVH
2015-02-21, 04:35 PM

As the Canadian branch of OVH is much newer than the European branches, we are introducing services bit by bit to ensure that they all run smoothly.

Also, it's worth noting that those services are all paid features, so our customers aren't getting less support for the same price, they're getting the same support at that price point. In fact, our support is 24/7 and the European branches are currently 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday, so our customers actually enjoy a higher level of support in most cases.

Phil C.

2015-02-21, 02:50 PM

I have found that all OVH websites but USA and Canada have a Submit an incident support page like: http://www.ovh.co.uk/support/declare_incident.xml or http://www.ovh.ie/support/declare_incident.xml
Where is this page for USA and Canada clients?
There is also no "VIP Support" for USA and Canada?
Why there is less support if the price is about the same and it`s the same datacenter?