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No ESXi 5.5 Template

2015-02-23, 01:13 PM

services.sh restart does indeed fix the issue.

vSphere Event log shows that this issue ALWAYS appears right after a dozen of Can't login root@ Events.
I'm not using any 3rd party scripts so I believe there's one on SyS side which tries to login and check for hardware status but it cant because I've changed root password. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Because, apparently, repeated failed login attempts cause my server's management services to crash.

2015-02-19, 09:36 AM
Did you try to restart the management agent under ssh ?


services.sh restart

After that try to login under vsphere client again.

2015-02-14, 01:24 PM
Just got a response from customer support. I don't understand why people complain about OVH CS because my experience with you guys has always been positive and I would like to congratulate you for that!

The reason why ESXi 5.5 is not available for E3-SSD-3 is because the hardware is not compatible.

However, that's not a major issue for me.

The reason why I wanted to upgrade to ESXi 5.5 is because after 3-5 days of running, I cannot connect to the ESXi server any more. The VMs are still running and the server responds when pinged but when I try to connect directly through the vSphere Client I get an error message. I don’t remember exactly what it says, but it says that the host is not accessible probably due to a network or service issue. But besides that, all VMs seems to work just fine and I can connect via RDP. A hard-restart from the SYS Management Panel fixes the issue. I suspect that ESXi's management services become non-responsive and I can’t figure out why. I’m not very good at debugging and checking logs because I don’t even know where to start looking. Could this have something to do with too much Memory Swap? I don’t know how much does the server swap (or how to check) but it shouldn’t be very much. However, my servers have a swap partition of only 512mb (which was the default value). Could this be the issue? Any advice would be appreciated.

PS: I do use vCenter and when the issue occurs, the Hosts get disconnected. As mentioned above, I can't connect directly to them via vSphere either. The problem is solved by a hard reset only. And probably by a SSH restart of the services as well, but I didn't try yet.

PS2: I've noticed that vCenter shows an Alarm about too much swapping on the servers which get disconnected. Could this be the issue? Should I increase the swap partition? Is it possible to do so without reinstalling ESXi?

PS3: This is the error:
Cannot contact the specified host (198.xx.xx.xx). The host may not be available on the network, a network configuration problem may exist, or the management services on this host may not be responding.

PS4: Right before the error occurs, I get this message in vSphere's Events tab:
Can't login root@

2015-02-13, 05:19 PM

I have 3x E3-SSD-3 servers:
BHS1 - Rack: T01C62 - Server ID: 226546
BHS1 - Rack: T01C10 - Server ID: 229223
BHS1 - Rack: T02B21 - Server ID: 236666

They are exactly the same hardware. However, only this one:
BHS1 - Rack: T02B21 - Server ID: 236666
has the installation template for ESXi 5.5 available.

How can I get the installation template on the other two as well?
The one that has it says (Beta). Does this mean it might not perform accordingly?

Please help!