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Anyone looking to sell/transfer ownership of a E3-SSD-4 server?

2015-02-19, 06:14 AM
I was referring to tweets of this kind:


Now, I also mentioned "all datacenters" counted. May be this is in the European DC that they have hundreds of new SYS per day.

Phil @ OVH
2015-02-18, 09:49 PM

Octopusss: I don't believe Octave would have said that, as it is completely untrue. We are delivering many each day, but we aren't adding new ones. That's why they are so hard to come by. Currently, we aren’t ordering or building new servers for SoyouStart. The supply is limited to what is available. New servers come online when customers end their lease of them.

Phil C.

2015-02-15, 06:23 AM
According to Octave Kalaba, they are adding hundreds of SYS servers per day (all datacenters). I don't know if this is true, but, I see some available more often than some months ago.

2015-02-11, 11:11 PM
I have seen the E3-SSD-3 available a few times recently according to my notification service's logs.

TS: 2015-02-02 06:21:21 PM (Monday) EST
Title: E3-SSD-3

TS: 2015-02-02 06:28:50 PM (Monday) EST
Title: E3-SSD-3

TS: 2015-02-04 04:12:45 PM (Wednesday) EST
Title: E3-SSD-3

TS: 2015-02-10 08:59:28 PM (Tuesday) EST
Title: E3-SSD-3

TS: 2015-02-11 01:32:34 AM (Wednesday) EST
Title: E3-SSD-3

2015-02-11, 03:40 PM
I've been trying to catch an E3-SSD-3 for weeks now..
Would you be willing to sell it?
And if yes, is it possible to transfer it to my account?

PS: I don't have the E3-SSD-4 to trade..

2015-02-09, 03:18 PM
Noticed that one. I kinda need the CPU power and SSD since I use it for game servers.

2015-02-09, 02:55 PM
I added logging about a week ago on the 2nd. I'm glad it worked out for you. There was a 8tb non-ssd avail earlier today.

2015-02-09, 01:55 AM
How long ago have you been logging? I actually started to use your notificatier on the 2nd of this month and managed to snag a E3-SSD-3 on the same day. Thank you! Unfortunately, the space is too low for my needs. Gotta have that 300gb ssd. =*(

2015-02-09, 12:06 AM
I wish you the best of luck, I have not seen one since I started logging.

2015-02-08, 12:35 PM
Since the sells page seems to always be out of stuck with this, I am looking to see if anyone has any E3-SSD-4 that they are willing to sell/transfer ownership of. Please give me a private message. =)