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No response to support email

2015-01-29, 10:53 PM
Just give them a call. I didn't get a response to my email request for a while, but got my > 5 ip allocation handled nearly instantly via a phone call.

2015-01-28, 09:06 PM
NVM I got their reply saying no. This is just not good. I have servers with soyoustart and they are doing like this. Its affecting my business. I dont know how to find customer key.

Phil @ OVH
2015-01-28, 07:30 PM

Could you put your SoyouStart account number in your forum profile so I can find your ticket?

Phil C.

2015-01-28, 02:50 PM

I sent you an email regarding IP but from 8 hours I havent recieved a response from your end. I am stuck because of it and I need it urgently. Anyone from sys team can reply?