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Push Notifications for SoYouStart and Kimsufi North America Availability (Unofficial)

2015-11-19, 10:42 PM
  • 2015-11-19
    • Added SyS Game Servers to SyS Alerts
    • Updated all servers checked to current list and specs

2015-02-16, 02:58 PM
FYI: Smooth_J noticed that they updated the site to contain BHS and EU servers. My push notifications are unaffected as they use the OVH API and parse the BHS availability entries.

Good luck everyone.

If enough people PM me to add other PushBullet subscriptions for the different datacenters, I'll provide them. For now, the push notifications will still only be for the North America BHS locations.

2015-02-01, 02:56 PM
The last delivered part on the site is deceptive. Things can be delayed from verification/validation. Also, I think the list shows last delivered whenever someone does an OS reinstall and other tasks. Things can get past my service, as it checks at random intervals, never shorter than 2 minutes apart in the current implementation. I don't want OVH blocking because I am producing too many hits against their server, even though I reduce hits from others refreshing. Many support agents have told me that there is not a private reserve or special waiting list for these servers.

2015-02-01, 01:42 PM
From looking at the actual list it seem that some servers are delivered without ever showing up in the push notification.
This could be because of some 'waiting list' we are not aware of...

I gotta say, thanks for sharing this widget with everyone!

2015-01-31, 12:09 PM
thanks for making this available, i have been casually checking these sites for a few months and i have only ever seen the i3 in stock

2015-01-28, 08:51 AM
It gets false positive, because it reloads the website in the time frame (e.g. every 62 seconds) that you specify and sometimes the website doesn't get loaded. Since C4C is dumb, it will see an incomplete, hence changed version of the site and report it as a change. Very easy setup and use.

2015-01-27, 11:50 PM
You will only get false positives. If you happen to see something, you just got lucky because you checked it. This is an ajax generated site. The push notifications I offer utilize the OVH API.

2015-01-27, 08:29 PM
Spoiler: Try FF Check4Change extention
You get false positive, but it will get the job done.

2015-01-27, 01:54 PM
  • 2016-02-05
    • Realized service was down for over a month, restarted it. (PM me if you don't see any notifications after a few days.)
    • Updated all servers checked to current list and specs
  • 2015-11-19
    • Added SyS Game Servers to SyS Alerts
    • Updated all servers checked to current list and specs
  • 2015-07-24
    • Woops, service was down for a few weeks. All is up again.
      • The server the OVH Push Notification Daemon runs off of had a hardware failure.
      • When I got it back up, I forgot this service was running on it. It is operational again.
  • 2015-02-11
    • Pushes no longer launch the website directly, they launch the info page or window. You can click the link if you want from it's body.
    • Kimsufi URLs have #ServerName appended to them to remind you of what you clicked on in the URL bar..
  • 2015-02-02
    • Added logging, so I can view the history of detected availability.
    • Decreased the check intervals from 2-5 minutes to 1-3 minutes.
  • 2015-01-27
    • Move from Private Beta to Public Beta. You may share if you like.

What this is:
In a nutshell, it tells you when there are servers without you having to constantly check the site.

My system periodically monitors OVH Server availability for changes of stock on the BHS located SoYouStart and BHS servers at intervals set to not stress OVH's system while providing enough divesity in the lookups to hopefully not miss availability. Some may slip through, but most won't. When it detects a server availability when previously it was unknown or not available, it will send an update to PushBullets server to send out a Push Notification to all subscribers.

PushBullet runs on all Popular Computers, Mobile Devices, and Web Browsers. If you are subscribed to my notifications, a popup or system notification will come up detailing what has now come available again and a basic writeup of it's specs. It also provides a link to the server listing. You just install the native app or browser extension and login and subscribe to my notifications if you haven't already.

Please PM me with any issues you may have.

Subscription Links

This is a private project and is not affiliated with OVH (SoYouStart, Kimsufi, etc) or PushBullet. Use at your own risk, blah blah blah I am not responsible mumble jumbo... It works as is without any guarantees or expectations... any other legal junk that is in the stuff you typically click "I agree" to without reading, unless you're special.

Feel free to send me donations via Bitcoin (BTC): 19jY5Mv3dGCFZPXrSJpA1dMcqkDGZ3R6u8

Good luck getting a good server!

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