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How do I contact support via email

2015-08-09, 05:39 AM
me too
I received email from support@ovh.com
Reply but received auto reply:
L'adresse que vous venez d'utiliser pour contacter notre service
client n'est plus valide.
Afin d'améliorer nos services et traiter votre demande dans les
meilleurs délais, une adresse unique est désormais * votre disposition
sur notre site.
Rendez-vous sur http://www.ovh.com/fr/support/ et envoyez-nous
directement votre mail.
Nous vous remercions de votre confiance.
Le service client.
Go to http://www.ovh.com/fr/support/ but don't know how to send email
That's bad

2015-01-26, 07:30 PM
More of a help than I was expecting, thanks for giving me the tips

2015-01-26, 06:12 PM
Kimsufi, this is dedicated servers at the price of VPS , so there is not much to expect from it, sorry. Yes, the support is exclusively on the forum, you post a message, then nothing guarantees when someone will come and handle it, this is what you sign for, when you start renting a Kimsufi server.

Now, things which can slightly improves the process of your request:

- be sure to post in the right forum. Here, this is for North Americans clients, who have a server at the Canadian DataCenter. If you purchase your server at the European subsidiary, then you need to post there.

- be sure to add your client ID in your profile.

- when you post a request, include as much information as possible.

Also, OVH is not running diagnostics. You have to tell them what is wrong, and if this is hardware related, they'll fix it. So for example, if this is your hard hardrive being faulty, you need to post the SMART logs and serial number and so on, to request a replacement.

OVH, doesn't handle software related issues (neither on Kimsufi, nor on higher ranges).

Sorry, I know it's not helping.

2015-01-26, 04:00 PM
Is this what we're going to call support?

I realize that Kimsufi is a low cost server brand, but surely there must be at least one educated member that knows how to contact Kimsufi support to schedule hardware replacement or at least diagnose the issues that I'm having with my server.

Supposedly, Incident Handling is available from 9am-6pm EST which means that even if someone were to miraculously come through right now, I only have an hour for them to resolve my issue and I know that I'm asking for quite a bit there. It probably won't happen today.

Every hour I waste trying to find a way to "contact Kimsufi through their support site" is an hour that I can essentially not use my server. I've seen horrible budget VPS providers that have better in-house support, at the moment.

2015-01-26, 10:56 AM
The support section in my Kimsufi Manager does not work. I only get "Got an invalid (or empty) URL".

There's no Contact form on the Canadian Kimsufi Contact Us page, only a link to these forums.

Since they advertise being able to contact support via email, where do I do so?