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2015-01-29, 08:54 AM
Thank you very much. Very much appreciated . No problemo, I was just worried about going past the timelimit.

Phil @ OVH
2015-01-28, 08:36 PM

I apologize for the delay in responding. I've cancelled and refunded the orders. Please allow 7-10 days for the refund to be processed.

Phil C.

2015-01-27, 05:24 PM

I know I have read that I get a refund in only less than seven days, but some customer support/response would be nice . No OS has been installed and I am NOT using either of them.

Anyone ? Something ?

2015-01-24, 07:14 AM
Update: By the way, the payment has not been fully processed yet, so I do not believe a refund would be technically costing you anything, but I suppose that is redundant information. I don't got it yet . I will wait for a proper reply now. Apologies for the inconvenience and trouble.

2015-01-23, 09:37 PM

Sorry to be a bother, but I would like a refund on one of the two servers I just bought today. I will explain below why precisely .

I attempted to order from your website, however, my Credit Card repeatedly failed validation. This was most likely due to some Firefox plugins I use (Noscript, cookies deleter, popup blocker), one of them or something. I then tried it on my Android tablet, but after ordering, the website remained a bit, "Blankish.":

From here I checked my bank account, and nothing appeared. I then checked my billing on the website, and nothing was their. I waited a few minutes and checked a second time. Then I retried the link in my browser, from the email that was sent to me to buy the exact same Server I requested, and I presumed the link was to the same order form. However, after entering I got a double alert from my bank. It appears that the first order did go through, but it neither showed in the Control Panel billing section(Which I presume, as with other services, it would show), nor did the page on my tablet finish loading completely(Presumption), nor did it originally show in my online bank after a few minutes in the authorization section. So it appears I have ordered two Servers, when I only need one.

The order form on the website when I followed the link a second time, which again was the one in my email to order the server I decided, showed the same number. However, my bank statement which finally updated, it showing two transactions. Student and all learning and going to do some things, and two is a bit of a overkill.

So, in summary I was a bit, to put it kindly, confused, and I honestly do believe this is in a way, grounds for a refund. I do not want the original server, I am just a bit surprised that the email link, though it showed the same number for ordering even the second time, ordered a second and so on and so forth. Entirely confusing, as when I have used previous services, such emails would say "Already ordered, or something like that, and it would usually show in the billing section and my bank account as well, as with other services. A lot of validation fails, too me quite awhile to get through, and a lot of blank website pages. I did end up using other browsers, and their were still errors, so prob not the original. Lots of validation failures, blank pages, and even the support tickets in the center would not work, it would keep saying URL failed in the corner so I was unable to do any support ticket. I can deal with, less than perfect support for a perfectly priced server, but not a broken, or glitchy website.

In summary, I still did want the one server I bought. The number for it is: Order number: 919091. I would appreciate a refund on both now. If that is completely impossible, then one, though both would be preferred. . I still do want the number I listed here, I would just like these two to be killed off and refunded. Not to be too much trouble, of course. I can understand if otherwise. Save money, this just has been a slightly unpleasant experience and I am just considering the SYO or something else now. Sorry for any trouble, and I can accept this if I get told a no .

I do apologize, sincerely for the inconvenience.

I thank you very much for your time.