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I want to renew server for a year, Why validate again??

2015-01-10, 11:20 AM
beside does OVH have the legal right to collect your identification information?


What about photocopying the licence?
Even if it is okay to record certain information, photocopying or scanning the licence generally
goes too far. Why? As the driver’s licence contains such other information as a photograph,
height and other physical descriptions, and signature, this is more information than is needed for
most business purposes.

Rule of thumb
Retailers should collect the least amount of personal information possible to satisfy a legitimate
business activity. This duty is distinct and irrespective of any consent obtained from an
individual. Even in cases where individuals willingly agree to provide their driver’s licence
information, the organization must still satisfy the reasonableness requirement set out in
PIPEDA and PIPA legislations.
Collection is a risk: If you can’t protect, don’t collect!

Privacy Commissioners have concluded that writing down the driver’s licence number from the card, or photocopying, “swiping” or otherwise reproducing the card itself, cannot be justified. The number may encode personal information such as the licensee’s birth date, and the card contains a photograph, signature and other personal information that exceeds what is needed for most business purposes.

Our identity safe?
an angry ex OVH employee can easily take some data to sell it or for identity fraud.

OVH hacked:



even bigger companies like Google or Amazon don't require identification information to use their services
OvH requires:
An official Identification card,
A utility bill stating your name and address that is not older than 2 months (A gas, phone, bank or any other utility bill)

2015-01-09, 08:56 AM
Quote Originally Posted by heise
If you already paid for a complete year and you renew then for another year you get 25% discount, I believe. Normally you should not need to revalidate.
yeah I already paid for a year
it will expire in a month so I just prepaid for another year , and they ask to validate again? beside I paid with the same paypal account just like last year.

and the amount is not in the millions, but less than $ 500

I know people that spend more than this in restaurants and they don't have to provide a copy of their ID.

2015-01-09, 08:49 AM
I just renewed, got the discount, didn't need to revalidate. Except for my credit card anti-fraud kicking in and breaking the transaction (so I paid via PayPal) this worked quite well.

2015-01-09, 03:57 AM
If you already paid for a complete year and you renew then for another year you get 25% discount, I believe. Normally you should not need to revalidate.

2015-01-08, 07:50 PM
I want to renew my server and prepay for another year but why validate account again?

last year order invoice SYSWE562 ordernr 161760. Server ID: 233531

if I want to pay monthly instead of whole year do I need to validate every month?