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migrating services to a new account

2015-01-02, 01:35 PM
Happy New Year, SYS!

I currently have an individual account with active services which I originally set up as both a "trial" of SYS as a hosting provider and a proof-of-concept for one of my clients (convincing them to migrate away from AWS). The POC was successful, so now I need to have the subscriptions for that company moved off of my individual account and on to a new account for that company.

I can't simply change the information on my account, because there are also some services unrelated to the company that I wish to keep. So, hopefully you can help me out with this account maintenance stuff. There is a snag that makes this time-sensitive: one of the services for the company is currently "suspended" (ns506789.ip-192-99-14.net). I need to renew it before the hardware is reclaimed, but I don't see any way to do that unless I keep it on my individual account.

In addition to that mentioned above, the other two services that need to be moved off my individual account are ns508706.ip-142-4-215.net and ns507338.ip-192-99-35.net. That's three (3) subscriptions to migrate in total; the rest can be left as-is. The new company account will have the same address as my individual account, but the rest of the information will change: the company name is "Sondry" and the point of contact will be Anthony Jacobellis - but the email and phone number can't be posted publicly Please let me know how I can securely provide the remaining info and get all necessary verification done ASAP. Thanks in advance for your help!

Justin Hearn