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*Urgent* I don't receive my login information on my e-mail !!!

Muhab Ashraf
2014-12-25, 09:31 AM
I followed every step to get that ssh key works but it don't everything is ok , but server refuse the key from putty even i see that the finger print is always different from key and server.

I need help asap..

Muhab Ashraf
2014-12-24, 03:45 PM
Actually when i re install the system i receive login information but i don't when i change mode to rescue mode and reboot or whenever i change to any mode !!

P.S. I get this error while re installing system after clicking next from partition tab.

Edit #1: I have tried to use ssh key from your thread but it still ask me for user and pw to login using putty.

Edit #2: While trying to setup a backup email , smth wrong with phone number , manager doesn't accept it !!. I have tried to remove it but still got that error "Invalid voice phone number."

2014-12-24, 02:02 PM
- See unofficial FAQ on how to change root pw through rescue mode. Try rescue mode with ssh keys.
- Or try setting new backup email in manager.

Muhab Ashraf
2014-12-24, 12:25 PM
i have a KS-2 server since a month ago and just renewed it 2 hours ago,, The problem is after that when ever i re-install my server or reboot on another mode i don't receive my login information on my e-mail !!

I just receive hardware reboot request mail.

Please help me asap i can't afford my downtime.