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High latency to server

Phil @ OVH
2014-12-12, 07:44 AM
Hello Adrien,

I'm glad to hear that the problem seems to have resolved itself. If ever it resurfaces, I would recommend sending a support ticket to support@us.soyoustart.com with the following info:

-Results of a ping on your server.
-Results of a traceroute (preferably done with MTR) from your local host to your server.
-Results of a traceroute (preferably done with MTR) from your server to your local host.
-Results of your server downloading the following file: http://proof.ovh.ca/files/1Gio.dat (preferably using the wget -4 -O /dev/null http://proof.ovh.ca/files/1Gio.dat command)

Send us all the results (or screenshots of the results) and we'll be able to investigate the matter.

Thank you for choosing SoyouStart, and have a great day!

Phil C.

2014-12-11, 10:23 PM
Please disregard. The issue seems to have resolved itself after a few hours.

2014-12-11, 08:41 PM

I'm experiencing some high latency to my server at it is averaging around 300ms whereas another of my servers is averaging around 60ms. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,