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How to get more ips for dedicated server ?

Hugo @ OVH
2014-12-11, 10:44 PM
Good day ThrillerCloudInc,

It is a bit unfortunate to say so but Kimsufi servers can not have extra IPv4's and IPv6's. It is only restricted to one IP of each type.

In your case, if you are looking for servers with extra IP's, you might want to take a look into our SoYouStart servers and OVH servers. Here's a link to both:

SoYouStart: http://www.soyoustart.com/us/essential-servers/

OVH: http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/

I am remaining at your disposal if you have any questions! We are at your disposal 24/7.

Thank you for trusting OVH and have a nice day!


Hugo C.
Customer Advocate

ThrillerCloud Inc
2014-12-11, 05:53 PM

I was wondering can you buy more ips for theses dedicated servers ?