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need help with VMware

2014-12-05, 08:22 AM
I decided to start fresh. I reinstalled the system to EXSi 5.0 via control panel and then tried to import OVF template (virtual machine) via vSphere Client but got disconnected again during the import. So I rebooted in Rescue mode and used web interface to test everything (cpu, ram, disk, network). Everything was OK, no errors found. I'm running a second round of tests now, just in case.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

2014-12-04, 12:56 PM
Run memory test, check smartctl, etc. in rescue mode. See unofficial Kimsufi FAQ for further help.

2014-12-04, 10:07 AM
It seems that my VMware ESXi server keeps rebooting....
At first I thought it was happening because of the high network activity on one of the VMs, I was ftping files from one server to another when it was happening. However, I noticed that it would reboot a few times even when there was no such activity.
I upgraded from 5.0 to 5.5 version but it did not help.
Looking at log files I saw something like this in vmksummary.log:
2014-12-04T00:24:45Z bootstop: Host has booted
2014-12-04T00:30:29Z bootstop: Host has booted
2014-12-04T00:36:18Z bootstop: Host has booted

In another log, vpxa.log, I see something like this:
2014-12-04T00:24:47.629Z [FFB9C1A0 info 'Memory checker'] Check resources every 30 secs, soft limit 307200, hard limit 358400.
2014-12-04T00:24:47.629Z [FFB9C1A0 info 'Handle checker'] Setting system limit of 1024
2014-12-04T00:24:47.629Z [FFB9C1A0 info 'Handle checker'] Set system limit to 1024
2014-12-04T00:25:37.072Z [FFB9C1A0 verbose 'HttpConnectionPool-000000'] [RemoveConnection] Connection removed; cnx: , >)>; pooled: 0
2014-12-04T00:25:37.072Z [FFC21B70 verbose 'HttpConnectionPool-000001'] [RemoveConnection] Connection removed; cnx: , >)>; pooled: 0
Section for VMware ESX, pid=34446, version=5.5.0, build=1598313, option=Release
2014-12-04T00:30:26.769Z [FFC7C1A0 info 'Default'] Logging uses fast path: false
2014-12-04T00:30:26.769Z [FFC7C1A0 info 'Default'] Handling bora/lib logs with VmaCore facilities
2014-12-04T00:30:26.769Z [FFC7C1A0 info 'Default'] Initialized channel manager

The red lines seem to correspond to the time the host was rebooted, however I don't see anything strange before that. Does anyone have an idea where I can look to find the cause of the problem?
(this is happening at recently purchased E3-SSD-3 dedicated server)