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URGENT SYS will cancel my server and may be delete my account, please help

Phil @ OVH
2014-11-15, 10:36 AM
Hello Mak3000,

This is the support forum for SYS North America. We don't have access to European SYS accounts. You would need to contact them directly. Normally I would at least try to forward the information to their forum for you, but your European SYS account isn't mentioned on your forum profile.

Phil C.

2014-11-14, 08:46 AM
You are paying with a credit card, so there has to be a letter from the credit card company to you (i.e. monthly report) and that you can use to proof your address.

2014-11-14, 08:01 AM

I'm one of the first SYS France members, My account validated before placing first order.

Now, they contacted me to validate my account and credit card i use, No problem.

I've provided my ID, and Address proof ( Google Adsense Verification address Letter ), they need another address proof, Water, gas, electricity bill.

I really have none of them, I swear, This is their reply:

We are forced to have all the elements asked in the initial e-mail. Without reception of all the documents, we cannot unfortunately make the validation of this order.
According to your return, we can also cancel this order.
that means they will cancel the order, and I'll not be able to renew others.

Please any of the staff here should intervene to solve this issue.