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Errors when purchasing ES-SAT-3

2014-11-12, 02:09 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin
That is, if I ever happen to be lucky enough to see a server available.
Well whaddya know. 5 minutes after I posted this, I got lucky.

Then 5 minutes after that, I saw a server available and was able to get another order. Fingers crossed that the payment process will actually work before this one expires!

2014-11-12, 01:43 PM
On two occasions now I have received 500 errors while attempting to purchase a dedicated ES-SAT-3 out of the BHS location.

On the first occasion I actually received the confirmed order (ORDER # 551275), but the site wouldn't let me pay for it - I kept getting a 500 error. I submitted a support request through the "Support - Email" option (http://www.soyoustart.com/ca/en/cont...r-services.xml) and never heard back. Since the order had a 24 hour expiry, it expired before I was able to pay for it. Very frustrating, but I decided to keep trying to get another server.

Today I was lucky enough to see the same server I want (ES-SAT-3) become available and I immediately, entered my customer information (existing customer at this point), and once again received a 500 error! This time it wouldn't even let me confirm the order.

I've missed two opportunities to purchase the server I want, and even with an ACTUAL ORDER I was still unable to purchase it. I've been watching the availability minute-by-minute for almost a week, and now that I've received an error during two separate orders, I have a feeling the third order will also fail, and the fourth, etc. That is, if I ever happen to be lucky enough to see a server available.

Please, is there any way my original order can be re-instated so that we can figure out a way for me to pay for it without getting a 500 error on the site? With no response from my support inquiry and a very short 24hr window to pay for the server, and errors preventing me from continuing, I can't see how I'll ever complete an order.