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16IP addresses & my understanding

2014-11-06, 07:38 PM
Is it able to handle around 15 VPS ?
That depends on what you are running inside the VPS. GAME-1 is fast.

Phil @ OVH
2014-11-04, 12:29 PM

All of that should be possible. There are no rules against it. These are dedicated servers, you're free to max out the resources if you like.

Best regards
Phil C.

2014-11-02, 02:08 PM

I would like to order some services here but I have couple of questions first

1. If I will order some dedicated server, can I create some VPS servers and assign my IP addresses to them? My goal is to create around 15 VPS, each with its own IPv4 address

2. Can I create Windows VPS inside my dedicated server (with my own license) ?

3. I will run just some basic stuff on each VPS, not to overwhelm the resources too much, will the first one GAME-1 be sufficient for me? Is it able to handle around 15 VPS ?

Thank you for your answers