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Hyper-V 2012r2: Getting network up on CentOS client VM

Phil @ OVH
2014-10-22, 11:16 AM

I'm glad you were able to find the solution to your issue in your edit.

Phil C.

2014-10-15, 06:54 PM
Edit: got it figured out, didn't follow the route-eth0 part on the networking guide: http://docs.ovh.ca/en/guides-network...-linux-clearos

This is driving me nuts!
1. I have my macs on my IP blocks,
2. I created my virtual switch to share with management OS
3. and set my virtual network adapter to use the MACs created in the first step.
4. I set my network adapter to my static IP, set the net mask to, set the gateway at first to the last IP in my static range (xxx.xxx.xxx.254) and then tried the gateway of my host machine as well.
5. I cannot get any connections outgoing and it is driving me absolutely up a wall insane. Pulling my hair out.

I have attached my eth0 config and my ifconfig eth0 output

When I ping an IP for example i get "connect: Network is unreachable"