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order 482421 ( 24 hour and still no update )

Maude @ OVH
2014-10-08, 09:42 PM
Good evening Asif Razaa,

It seems the validation department as replied to you. Please keep in mind that the validation department only works on the business hours. They will reply to you as quickly as they can for more details on your request on the validation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Asif Razaa
2014-10-07, 09:08 AM

can some one check my order please ? i was palace an order 24 hour ago, and also have already send documents ( passport and latest bank statement ) but still no update from sys,

I'm old customer of sys not new, also i have 3 servers on kimsufi,

i have already pay invoices on sys website and also on kimsufi website,

so please check this and get back to me,