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vsphere client 5.0 closes

2014-10-03, 11:50 PM
Muchisimas gracias, me sirvió mucho,

Maude @ OVH
2014-10-02, 07:46 AM
Hello Leonardo,

By doing some research on your connection issue, I have found a thread on the VMware community forum that seams related to your issue.

Also there is this link to the vmware knowledge base which has a possible solution.

If you need more help on this issue for the security of your account please contact us through a support ticket : http://www.soyoustart.com/us/contact...r-services.xml

2014-10-01, 09:55 PM
Hi good morning, I'm having trouble with VMware ESXi 5.0, when connect by using vSphere client I get this error:

vsphere client Could not connect to an unknown connection error occurred connection failure

I have to restart the newly dedicated to enter by the client.

Significantly, the VM created work perfectly, it's only error is when I try using the client, as if to close the connection.