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Turnover on dedicated servers

2015-01-12, 02:22 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Germain
The price of servers in BHS is different simply because our infrastructure costs in Canada are higher than in Europe.

I believe this is still the case. I can order my Canadian Servers through OVH.IE account which is cheaper... BUT! OVH.IE Tech support is not that good. You can ALWAYS call OVH.CA and they answer 24/7/365 which make it worth it to just pay the slightly higher price for the better service and tech support.

2014-03-27, 09:00 AM

After 1 year, you automatically benefit from our loyalty program: 1 or 3 months discount for a 6 or 12 months renewal.


2014-03-26, 08:27 PM
This is probably a stupid question in a dead thread, but is OVH going to be waving the setup fee for people who are already customers under the OVH branch if they switch to the SYS Brand? I mean I right now feel as if I am getting shafted paying the same price for a lesser server while there are better servers avalible, granted now I dont pay for my three extra IP's and if I move I would have to start paying for them, which I am ok with. The only part I hate is the $69 setup fee, after I have been paying OVH for a year plus, the least they can do is cut the dedicated costumers a little break.

2014-01-15, 07:01 PM
I can see the point of the install fee, which is to try and stop people from upgrading so often.

Lets face it, your not goanna jump servers so much when you know your being nailed with $70 fee each time.

But at the same time it goanna kill them as people will look at this fee and just pick a host who doesn't bill them a fee.

If OVH wants to stop this turn over issue, bill a small fee for people switching servers on the fly so much, and wave the new $69 fee for any customers ordering new servers under a 3 month term or more.

Also allow people like me to be allowed to buy IP's for the servers I rent from you. I got 2 servers and I don't need anything more powerful so why shouldn't I be allowed to buy a block of IP's. After all the whole point of all this is to stop turnovers from happening, yet your trying to get me to turn over to a server I don't need just to have the option of getting extra IP's

2014-01-15, 03:51 PM
Quote Originally Posted by mypchost
Yes, the new servers are up - and NOW --- not only have prices increased, there is an installation charge on EVERY type of server in the amount of $129!!!???

Are you SERIOUS????
You had the same reaction I did.
The servers price has decreased a bit, www.soyoustart.com/us, but the fee for larger servers and the lack of the i3/i5 servers are concerning me.

Hope this changes soon, otherwise we will need to find another provider :/

Edit: OMG, just checked out the soyoustart fees, 69 USD.
Depending on the machine it's higher then the monthly cost of the server.

2014-01-15, 02:36 PM
Yes, the new servers are up - and NOW --- not only have prices increased, there is an installation charge on EVERY type of server in the amount of $129!!!???

Are you SERIOUS????

2014-01-15, 01:10 AM
I just saw on Oles's twitter
>#Ovh Le site /ca et /us ainsi que #BHS prévu pour demain.
So sometime today (EST) the new servers may be up.

2014-01-14, 12:56 AM
Do you (OVH) have any updates of when more dedicated servers will be available? I've emailed your sales division several times over the past few months and they keep giving me the vague answer "early 2014". I'm not a customer yet but i really want to be one.

Also, will you ever accept colocation? Because when your dedicated servers are available again and if they sell out within minutes i'm screwed again, but i have a server that i would like to colocate with you if it were possible.

2014-01-06, 09:09 PM
There is some good ideas hear.
I been on A ks1 sense July 1-2013. yes I would like the option to rent to own. and then pay rack lease.

2013-12-16, 10:33 AM
Hi MikeM,

The Load Balancing IP are now orderable. There was a small glitch preventing the orders to go through that was resolved this morning.

Have a great day,


2013-12-11, 04:57 PM
I have been a customer at SEVERAL other data centers and have been mostly satisfied with OVH so far, in comparison to the competition in the price range. I believe I have been here about 6 months and have 2 servers (SP3 class) and use the extended features. It is just my hope that the changes you make do not take away what has made you guys great. Price, Innovation, and customer control of their servers and configurations.

I do not like the comment above about getting rid of Load Balancing IPs and the such to make it harder to migrate servers. These functions separate you guys from the pack. Speaking of I want to purchase the Load Balancing IP package, but the site is stuck on loading after clicking order. (on this url: http://www.ovh.com/us/solutions/ip-l...eLoginOrNewNic ). I have tried from multiple pcs, locations, and browsers. I hope you guys didnt disable this on purpose!

I think having a "Deals" section where you recycle the servers that were turned over quickly. You wouldnt have to cut the price too much from you closest comparable new class. Once you near the end life of the server, sell it off.

Possibly offer a Cloud Deal built with compatible servers since it sounds like most of these servers are virtually new.

I think offering memory/HD/Bandwidth to existing plans to keep them closer to current with new plans, that would help alot.

Limit the number of times a user can order and cancel and reorder in a certain time using an algorythmn. This shouldnt stop the normal person that may have outgrown their needs, but identify people who are constantly doing it. Or those people who get identified would have to pay a setup fee.

I dont like long term contracts, but maybe 3/6 month term minimum to get the best prices.

Another idea - basically lease the servers while the client just paying my normal monthly fee... You dont even have to mention it upfront. You could accrue credit towards owning it and then have a buy out price - like a lease on a car. Then you could just charge for co-location of the server - or if the customer wants have it shipped to them.

I will think more and see if I can come up with anything else. This was just a quick reply. I tried to buy a 3rd server from you guys and they are sold out. Which lead me here.

2013-10-22, 10:11 PM
I am looking at renting a server to host game servers on.

I been with a few hosts in my time and one of them is hands down the best I seen. But the main reason I have come over here looking is cost and location. For what you get, the price seems very good here.

Now onto your turn over problem, the issue that is stopping me from trying out your services.

Most server companies I have seen will sell off old servers to make room for new ones. No I don't mean renting them out, I really do mean selling them off.

But in your case it sounds like the servers are not old enough yet for that option, infact it sounds like your making them old tech before their time is even up.

So here some ideas that seem to work.

Any old models of servers or servers replaced by newer hardware should be put in a bargain bin / sale area. This way as turn over happens, you will be renting the older servers to people looking for a good deal. And seeing that they are not very old, you will sell more and less people will be buying new which will take down demands and cost of upgrading more then needed.

Another option if you have the space and owe your data center is the rent to own deals, I am a fan of these. You can rent these servers as a rent to own deal. This forces a user to do a contract on these older servers where they can rent the server for so long and then own it, or they can flat out buy it. Once they own the server, they can then pay you a colocation fee for keeping the server in your datacenter connected to power and bandwidth. And the best part is, any issues with the server would be the customers responsibility to get fixed once they own the server. So you could make more money from tech calls and support. And if the customer leaves OVH, they got to take their server with them so it less hassle for you guys.

Think about a rent to own saturation as a good number of people would rather pay so much a month on a good server to own it and then only have to pay a low fee to keep it connected at the data center. And these kind of people wont be doing turn overs. They will keep their hardware till it really is to out dated.

I know, as I still use a 1U Dell PowerEdge 1750 server that I own. It not worth anything now but when you own it, you tend to try and keep it alive until you really need to replace it, unlike renting.

2013-10-21, 10:55 AM
Thank you andresb for taking the time to provide us your valuable thoughts in such details.

They will help to shape the future of our service, our products and our overall way of doing business.

We try to build the products and business model we'd like to be offered, if we were our own customer.
But the best solution leads are always coming from real customers.
Thanks again.

2013-10-20, 12:30 PM
Hi, I'm a recent customer, I have some servers with OVH since a year ago,

I could be the poster boy of the turnover problem, as I'm always looking to upgrade my systems and would even switch hosting providers to get the best deal in terms of features/price, leaving barely used hardware behind for you to re-rent at a discount (well, that's a tad extreme, I was loyal for five years to my last two providers, I've been in the business since 1997).

The thing is: I will always look at what hardware/features you give new clients vs what you gave me. That's almost impossible to avoid. If the perceived benefit outweighs my migration cost, I'm switching plans, period. I do it with my cable/phone company, I wrestle rates with my credit card company when they advertise better ones, why wouldn't I do it with other vendors?

There are a few things you can do to keep me from breathlessly upgrading:
- Upgrade bandwidth according to my price level. Most hardware is under-utilized (I don't know what my hyphens are doing). When capacity planning for mass-services, it's usual to estimate around 15%-20% of effective use on any platform. Save for edge cases, you only use some GBs on a regular webserver, so bigger hard drives won't do much for me. If you publish a new plan with 200mbps bandwidth and somewhat upgraded hardware with a price I'm already paying, I could be much happier if you upgrade my bandwidth and I know I have a more-than-capable server already.
- Give me a reason to stay put. Right now your no-contract, no-fixed-term sales policy hurts you more than me. If I abandon recently configured hardware for an upgraded option, I'm just following the rules you set (and now I'm being "chastised" [take it lightly] with Sold Out order buttons for it). Offer a discount for a time commitment and I'll stop chasing deals at least for a while ;-)
- Make it tempting for me to keep the abandoned -but already configured- servers for some time. There IS a cost of migrating to new hardware and if I could keep the "old" servers for say half price for a year (and not Kimsufi rock-bottom levels), maybe you'd get less churn and I'd be less inclined to hunt redundancies.
- Upgrade only the top line, let the upgrades trickle down the rest of the products on a more controlled way. I guess you could re-rent the higher-end servers faster than the lower-end ones, with an attractive price as if they were new.
- Consider any server used for less than a semester still new (and/or pre-tested) and take it back to the sales inventory without much thought. What you do on the server production department is great, but the truth is that for 98% of the webhosting types the server booting up is all the QA they'll ever do.
- Somewhat murkier, but still doable: cripple IP failovers, DNS redirections, etc to make it difficult to switch existing sites/services to newer servers.

Of course you will get flack with any path you take, because it will most likely hit someone in a bad way. I have 3 low-end servers right now that I could replace with 2 64GB, 500Mbps servers paying you a little more ($300 vs $240), but costing you almost double (I want 'em BTW, but I don't want to sound like a vampire now).

I guess these options are in your table already, I'm just stating the somewhat obvious because you're an integral part of my income generation and I want to see you healthy and this resolved soon.


2013-10-09, 07:31 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Constantine
P.S. It would also be nice if the prices for BHS would be more in line with the prices and offerings of the French DCs.
The price of servers in BHS is different simply because our infrastructure costs in Canada are higher than in Europe.


2013-10-09, 09:44 AM

Quote Originally Posted by NexusIS
Can we get a little clarity please? (And a server would be nice too)
We are investigating and we'll contact you very soon.

Quote Originally Posted by Constantine
Care to know how the competition is treating the old folks?
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are taking care of all the feedback our customers give us currently and I am sure we will announce some good news in the near future !

Best regards,

2013-10-06, 04:38 PM
I've been a VPS customer of some famous NJ-based company named L for about two years now, plus a dedi customer of some D-based company named H for about 10 months now, 60$/mo. (The reason I've signed up with H in the first place is that OVH had setup fees at that time, not to mention a possible inability to order from the US to start with.)

Well, I read the whole turnover thread at the neighbouring forum across the pond, and I'm quite surprised of how OVH seems to be treating their loyal customers with the old servers. Instead of at least keeping existing promises and existing price, it seems like features are removed (e.g. the support promise), and prices are increased (e.g. for 1EUR or 1GBP or whatnot for the new mandatory DDoS protection), all whilst new orders are getting 3x the discount for the same deal.

Care to know how the competition is treating the old folks?

During the two years at L, there were a couple of free upgrades, which required shutting down the server, and restarting in order to take advantage of. They weren't offered automatically, but only when you choose to take it yourself. As such, the old customers were always getting as good a deal as the new ones were. One of such upgrades required a manually-scheduled, but otherwise fully automated migration, to another physical host, with about half-an-hour of downtime. The most innovative idea? These upgrades must actually have been quite non-constly to offer, since I presume many people didn't care about them, and didn't click the upgrade buttons right away, and thus no resources were wasted on offering something automatically which people didn't specifically need or require. For example, I still haven't claimed my 2x HDD upgrade that's been available since a couple of months, since I don't really care about it at this time, and don't want to shutdown the server to take advantage of it.

What about H? When I signed up 10 months ago, my ~56 USD/mo plan had only 5TB traffic (with no overages), with 100Mbps connection, no backup space at all, and explicitly no phone support at all. Since then, in just 10 months, they've given EVERYONE with a plan of the same price, both new and old sign-ups, 20TB of traffic, upgraded the connection from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, with 200Mbps guaranteed, plus added free telephone support, plus 100GB backup space. No price increases (other than those caused by currency, since I'm not paying in their local currency). And not even any buttons, like L, to take advantage of these offers -- they were avail automatically.

Basically, it would seem like OVH has never offered any price matching, since switching servers is always quite a hassle, and few people were causing the turnover when the prices were changed somewhat gradually. However, now that the new OVH prices in Europe are so much low-bottom, to empty DCs within weeks, as Oles said, more people started causing the turnover within OVH itself, and thus matching your own pricing might make more sense now than it potentially did in the past, since few were taking the effort to upgrade for saving a penny.

I guess there are still a lot of customers that are too lazy to switch servers, and OVH is probably weighting of what would be more effective: have X per cent of existing customers contribute to the turnover, or have the Y times X per cent of customers' bills go down by Z times.

Well, it'll certainly be interesting to see the full numbers, although I doubt they'll be released. In any case, I'll be following closely. :-)

P.S. It would also be nice if the prices for BHS would be more in line with the prices and offerings of the French DCs. Right now, even though I'm in NA, I'd be more inclined to go with some F- or D-based offerings than with the BHS DC -- latency is not that different, but price savings are noticeable. Also, what happened to your quad-core, 16GB, 2x 2TB offer at 59$/mo, which used to be an SP1 w/ 100Mbps? Isn't there quite a big gap now between 49$/mo KS2 and 79$/mo SP1 w/ 200Mbps?

2013-10-05, 12:35 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Germain
Dear Customer,

In the meantime, if you have new projects which oblige you to rent new servers, please don't hesitate to contact us so that you can place an order manually.

Can someone please clarify the above?

I have submitted a manual order. It was passed to billing for follow up. And when servers (not of the SKU I was interested in) started showing up the other day, I enquired on the status of my order only to find out that it was cancelled, without even informing me.

Communication is woefully lacking through this sales embargo. Following the published direction does not lead to the published results one would expect.

Can we get a little clarity please? (And a server would be nice too)


2013-09-18, 03:54 PM
Dear Customer,

The server deals that we offer are based on certain principles which make renting a server from us very appealing:
  • no installation fees
  • no commitment
  • monthly payment
  • regular release of new features

Up to 100, 000 servers in our DCs, we haven't had any particular problems with these principles. To manage growth, it was sometimes necessary to add a limit of 2 new servers per month. Sometimes we had added installation fees for a few months, but overall, the model functions very well.

Between 100,000 and 150,000 servers, we felt that these principles began to create problems in terms of turnover.

What is turnover?
Turnover is when our existing customers that rent servers decide to take new ones from us to replace the old. This if not a problem if the old server has been rented for 2-3 years, or if we can re-rent the old server as a 'special-offer' for another 2-3 years. But with 150,000 servers, the number of customers renting a new server again after 3 to 6 months has become the majority. And the old servers are becoming commercially obsolete too quickly.

Today we have 170, 000 servers and since the range was updated at the beginning of August, the turnover has sped up even more to become too high. The majority of deliveries are basically just turnover. We are no longer delivering enough servers to keep up with new projects or new customers. The delivery time for everyone has become too long and we can say that the mechanics isn't working any more.

As for the 170K servers already leased out, there's no problem to report and no change to expect. Everything is running perfectly well and we're not changing anything. The problem only concerns new orders for new servers.

How do we fix this turnover issue?

We think we can find a better way of working which will enable us to deliver servers in 1hr, while managing 200,000 or even 300,000 servers. But such a way of working requires serious consideration.
We have started to make adjustments on certain elements such as IP Failover, but clearly it is necessary to go more in-depth. We have multiple avenues to follow, but if we start making changes every day, a piece here and a piece there, nobody will understand anything any more.

And so even if we have more than 10,000 servers ready to be delivered (all ranges and DCs mixed up), we have thus decided to "sell out" all dedicated server offers in France and the European subsidiaries, as well as in Canada and the USA. Orders already placed will be delivered, but we are not accepting any more new orders.

This "sold out" action will enable us to take time to analyze the sales of the last few months in greater depth, and understand the behavior of each customer contributing to the turnover.

We will then put the servers back on sale in limited quantities (batches of 100 servers) and new principles to then re-analyze what has happened, and so on and so forth until finding the principles which will allow us to:
  • deliver the servers to you quickly
  • offer very competitive offers
  • increase customer loyalty to their servers

At the same time, we're speeding up the rewriting of the API in v6. The same goes for Manager V6 which will replace V5 before the end of the year. Our order system will be reviewed before the end of the year for all the services that we offer you. We will be able to offer bank card auto-renewal in Europe and North-America. In short, we are making the most of this " sold out" period to focus internal resources not on growth, but rather on consolidation of our backoffice and on careful consideration of the mechanics of our offers.

In the meantime, if you have new projects which oblige you to rent new servers, please don't hesitate to contact us so that you can place an order manually. We have the server stock but we don't want to deliver it and continue this high turnover cycle.

We're counting on your feedback to help us to refine the mechanics, which must be convenient for you and allow us to do our job without having to change the rules of play every 6 months because we have 200K or 300K servers in our DCs. This is basically a good time to discuss and exchange, and then to come up with the idea that nobody has yet come up with…

Best wishes,