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So You Start

  1. How to close account?
  2. mac addresses
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  4. Is there any charges for using ESX? How about windows if I bring my own license?
  5. Why I7-SSD-1 doesn't support any windows installation? or ESX?
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  9. I'm thinking of getting Plesk 12 Web Admin, have some questions though
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  17. Server Replenishing
  18. Custome Dedicated servers
  19. Proxy Server
  20. Didnt get server!!!
  21. Why is my server constantly logging failed ssh login attempts from some unknown IP?
  22. Additional IPs Require Organization?
  23. E5-sat-1 gpu
  24. Windows on soyoustart Game Server 1
  25. Account Verification & Setup
  26. Fix your site
  27. BK-4T order
  28. Issues with service renewal
  29. Cannot log in through SSH
  30. Support Nightmare
  31. Need help with additional IP
  32. Seems some webpages are missing.
  33. Problem on HDD of OP-SAT-1
  34. Question about OP-SAT-1
  35. Soft RAID status in ESXi 5.5 system
  36. CAD Exchange Rate
  37. Tried order new server but cannot
  38. Failed payment sys
  39. Payment Question
  40. Order server in France ?
  41. I think I missed the point
  42. Setting up back-up server for my GameServer rc301369-sys
  43. Issues with service renewal
  44. Assigning a VM a Failover IP address with only CentOS 7 and KVM.
  45. Support
  46. cPanel + CentOS 7 availability
  47. Can't load CA soyoustart login page.
  48. What happened to E3-SSD-4
  49. USA IP Blocks
  50. Can't switch netboot
  51. BHS1 - Rack: T01C11 - Server ID: 229282 - DOWN for 4 HOURS NO TICKET REPLY
  52. DNS disruption and unstable ping
  53. Getting error while login after resetting of password for account ks72522-sys
  54. Basic Anti-DDOS
  55. Verify a 'So You Start' account [ORDER 2212722]
  56. Forgot root password, how to reset?
  57. Out of space, partition issues.
  58. Transferring Servers
  59. Email id not working if renewing the expired orders delayed due to account validation
  60. Deticated Server OS Payment
  61. URGENT - Forgot your password, I do not have email access
  62. Couple of questions!
  63. Create and verify a 'So You Start' account
  64. Webhosting
  65. some errors occured when i buy Soyoustart dedicated server !!
  66. SYS CPU Capacity showing incorrectly?
  67. is the setup fee a one time fee?
  68. VMware pfSense IP Failover Issues
  69. Data transfer costs
  70. SYS or OVH: Spam Filtering Cluster
  71. Waiting for Server
  72. Getting Past Gmail Spam Filter
  73. are people getting ECC in their soyoustart servers as of 8/2015 or not?
  74. IP Location
  75. CA Servers ?
  76. Root Password Reset
  77. Server is down cant boot correctly
  78. Reset my account pass issue
  80. Order still not accepted?
  81. Not able to assign IP to VM in server
  82. IP activation issue
  83. Windows Hyper V 2008 R2 + DirectX11
  84. Account Validate,But still quote VAT amount
  85. Server Down For 3 Days | No Help From Support
  86. Question on raid with SSD
  87. Can't add IP to my new SYS server, I need an ETA please
  88. E3-SSD-1 Availability
  89. Problem to order new ips for my server with proxmox
  90. world wide support
  91. I think I'm IP Banned?
  92. More than 24hrs wating for an IP order
  93. Dedicated Server set up fee
  94. Upgrading from Kimsufi + trial option?
  95. A few questions
  96. Network Issues?
  97. Dedicated Server SYS-IP-5
  98. SO YOU START Support
  99. network perfomance and datacentres
  100. paypal & os
  101. KVM OS Install
  102. SYS vs Kimsufi network
  103. Not a SyS issue, just a general cry for help!
  104. Now Suddenly Soyoustart Proven to be Money Hungry
  105. I want to order Dedicated Servers
  106. Validate SYS account for OVH validated customer
  107. Server offline for two days...
  108. Waiting for response
  109. Loyalty discount
  110. ESXI 6.0 is already GA last month but in SoYouStart's list of server it's still BETA
  111. Can't open Ticket
  112. ETA on servers in Canada?
  113. Winrescue Help
  114. Auto billing not working almost got my server suspended
  115. Server intervation
  116. Question about ddos protection
  117. Test expected thoughput to each datacenter.
  118. Server in Canada instead of France?
  119. about blacklist ip
  120. Servers on soyoustart/us
  121. Buying a server from Soyoustart
  122. KVM Keyboard not working
  123. OVH sales email?
  124. Difference in disks
  125. Is denmark allowed?
  126. how to use backup storage as nfs
  127. So you Start - 32G E3-1245v2 SoftRaid 3x120GB SSD Server Payment Done
  128. How do I open ports
  129. No ESXi 5.5 Template
  130. Anyone looking to sell/transfer ownership of a E3-SSD-4 server?
  131. How long to validate account?
  132. Soyoustart Playing game with client?
  133. No irq handler for vector
  134. No response to support email
  135. Not able to install Windows 2012.
  136. So you Start, all about IPs, KVM, VPS and stuff.
  137. Push Notifications for SoYouStart and Kimsufi North America Availability (Unofficial)
  138. How I find hostname of my IP failover?
  139. SOLVED Control Panel Login
  140. How do I purchse a E3-SSD-2 server?
  141. Error Add SPLA license
  142. Delay in release
  143. Control Panel
  144. About DDOS
  145. How do I set up the backup
  146. IMPORTANT! My server is suspended by your mistake !!!
  147. Citrix Xenserver 6.5 - When ?
  148. I want to remove RTM how???
  149. So You Start don't give my money back
  150. When I make my order I receive message "An error 500 happened"
  151. I want to renew server for a year, Why validate again??
  152. I have 4 IPs from SYS, can all be used on a KVM server ?
  153. I need to setup LVM partition on server. Template partitions help !
  154. migrating services to a new account
  155. SoYouStart availability - fraud?
  156. Are There Upgrade Options Available?
  157. Can someone check on my Order please - New Customer
  158. power outage
  159. Validation time
  160. Servers not in stock from last 3 weeks
  161. SO YOU Start registration / Validation at USA/Canada Data Centre Account
  162. Validation
  163. High latency to server
  164. Serveur KS - Transfert
  165. Cpanel 11 Mysql and Apache default installation directories?
  166. vmware host locking up
  167. Default RAID configuracion for BK-24T
  168. Can I change the hostname without breaking everything?
  169. need help with VMware
  170. Order 569718: 4 Days and Still No Server
  171. Nouveaux serveurs prochainement ?
  172. DDoS Attacks
  173. How much take to validate the account?
  174. OVH nameserver
  175. existing OVH customer ordering SYS
  176. Débit garanti entre OVH France et Canada ?
  177. Help ordering - Location
  178. 100GB Backup space...,,how to access it?
  179. VPS on dedicated server
  180. Bought Windows license but cant install it
  181. Accidentally bought a UK server. I need a refund
  182. Time to Build?
  183. I installed CPANEL 11 with the CENTOS 6 distribution
  184. My server located in Canada, can I choose a US IP?
  185. Backup Server - trying to log in (with server)
  186. probleme de commande
  187. Failover IP's - does not work in Proxmox for my VM's
  188. C'est une joke v2.0
  189. URGENT SYS will cancel my server and may be delete my account, please help
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  191. Errors when purchasing ES-SAT-3
  192. Cisco ASA 5505 firewall
  193. How long?
  194. Waiting for account validation while order will expire soon
  195. IP Issues
  196. Secure provisioning of servers
  197. Server Replenishments
  198. 16IP addresses & my understanding
  199. C'est une joke
  200. Windows server on BK-24T?
  201. VMware and IP weirdness
  202. Waiting for account validation.
  203. So You Start Bandwidth?
  204. Hyper-V 2012r2: Getting network up on CentOS client VM
  205. Attacks on OVH
  206. Hyper-V 2012r2 installation fails
  207. Awaiting account validation
  208. Very slow upload speeds past 2 days.
  209. Warez
  210. Issue with bridging for KVM virtualization
  211. order 482421 ( 24 hour and still no update )
  212. cert expired
  213. Windows Server 2012
  214. vsphere client 5.0 closes
  215. Order paid via Paypal
  216. Paid Via Paypal.. Order not being processed
  217. Error "An intervention is being carried out on this server"
  218. Something wrong with SWAP allocation
  219. ESXi ip FailOver
  220. [URGENT] An intervention is being carried out
  221. Ordered a 120s Server 22 hours ago, update please?
  222. Waiting for verification of documents(validation@ovh.ca)
  223. SYS US IPs screwed me over
  224. Help with IPs and Virtualization
  225. Email Server issue
  226. Proxmox Raid 0 Installation problem
  227. Experience of KVMfor SYS server
  228. raid 0 problem
  229. server down
  230. Disponibilité des serveurs... pas mal louche
  231. 16 Free Ips / Month
  232. So what's the skinny on new servers
  233. Status of Server
  234. Potential risk....
  235. SYS-IP-4S Availability?
  236. for those who recently order e3sat3
  237. Site SoYouStart
  238. Account validation woes?
  239. Servers are apparently taking weeks to deliver..
  240. VMware with Software Raid?
  241. I am still waiting to activate the account
  242. Just curious
  243. Failover IP
  244. Proxmox (prepared by OVH for the use in OpenVZ VE)
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  246. Cloud Linux
  247. E3-SAT-1 Availability
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  249. Pending Order: 348794
  250. 50 percent off till Aug 31 ???